Now there's video of that confrontation over Google Glass in an S.F. bar

Sarah Slocum, the Google Glass enthusiast who ran into an angry backlash at a San Francisco bar last week, has shared a short video of her experience that shows a little more of what happened, although the full picture still isn’t completely clear.

The video, which Slocum made with Glass and posted this week on YouTube, shows some angry patrons confronting her at Molotov’s in the Haight. It’s a short clip; Slocum shared more with KRON television, which aired more of it this week.

Slocum has said she frequently wears the device when she goes out because she wants to introduce it to people who haven’t yet tried the technology. She has said she was having a friendly exchange with a bar patron when some other customers started harassing her.

On her YouTube page, Slocum wrote that “after being verbally accosted and flicked off” by one woman, “I turned on the video, and after I told them I was doing so they got pissed off and came after me.”

In the longer clip that aired on KRON, the woman who accosted Slocum can be heard to say, “You’re killing the city.” That suggests the patrons were channeling some of the anti-tech sentiment, possibly augmented by booze, that’s emerged in certain San Francisco neighborhoods where longtime residents have resented an influx of Silicon Valley workers.

It also looks like Slocum’s decision to announce that she was recording, apparently in the hope it would make them back off, may have instead fanned the flames in an already heated situation.

Slocum adds: “Unfortunately, I had not extended the video so it cuts out after 10 seconds. Here you can see them – two people, a male and a female – trying to block the camera. The guy waving his hands in my face here later rips the Google Glasses off my face and ran out of the bar.”

She got her Glass back but has not recovered her purse and phone, which she says were also stolen at the bar.

Here’s the YouTube clip:

And here’s the longer report from KRON:

(Screen grab from Sarah Slocum YouTube post)

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