Quoted: Netflix DVDs by drone?

“We have literally spent days working out most of the bugs.”

from a Netflix video that pokes fun at Amazon’s plans to deliver packages by drones. The video, uploaded to YouTube earlier this month, talks about Netflix’s returning to its “creative roots” — delivering DVDs, which it still does, but the company has focused on growing its streaming business. The Drone 2 Home fictional service drops DVDs packed in Netflix’s signature red envelopes (remember those?) directly to its customers — who are shown in their offices, in their cars and even in the restroom.

In an interview with “60 Minutes” in December, Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the drone-delivery project, which he said was “years away.” Considering the privacy, security and policy issues that would accompany such a program, some considered Bezos’s unveiling of the plan premature. (Hence the above quote from the Netflix parody.) Google and UPS are reportedly also testing drone delivery.

The video (here and below), which was posted to YouTube by Paul Johnson and features Henry Breeggemann. Johnson is director of engineering at Netflix, and Breeggemann is general manager of the DVD division, according to their LinkedIn profiles. Engadget says the video was produced for the Netflix DVD unit’s annual meeting.


Photo of a Netflix DVD from Associated Press archives


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  • alrui

    More sensationalism by the MSM to get the public to think that drones are OK!