Off topic: Family of dummies, California drought, literary diagramming, painting the Earth

“The aim is to get people to reconsider their allegiance to traditional life expectations,” says a woman who bought her family — of mannequins. And took them along on trips to Paris and more. A look at how California’s drought affects the U.S. agricultural industry, and how much water it takes to grow certain crops. If you were/are into diagramming sentences, this diagrammatical dissertation on opening lines of notable novels is for you. And What If explores the question of whether there is enough paint to cover all the land on Earth.


Photo: Alan Thompson’s company, G&F Agri Service, removes an almond orchard at Baker Farming Company in Firebaugh, Calif., on Monday, Feb. 3, 2014. The state’s drought has forced farmers to remove some almond orchards earlier than they normally would because they don’t expect to have enough irrigation water. (Scott Smith/Associated Press)


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