Apple security flaw: Fix issued for iPhone and iPad, still to come for Macs

Did you get an iOS 7 update this weekend? If not, check for one. A critical security flaw could allow an attacker to access and even modify your activity on your iPhone or iPad when you’re using a shared network. Reuters reports that the problem was also found in Mac OS X, and that the company promises to release a fix “very soon.”

The SSL encryption flaw, said to be caused by a single line of code and a missing bracket, meant that digital certificates failed to be authenticated. The bug had been around for months and had not been publicly known before, according to Reuters.

Various reports point to security experts who say the flaw is “really bad; and that “this sort of subtle bug deep in the code is a nightmare.” Since Apple has yet to release the patch for Macs, some are advising Mac users to avoid using public networks.

And amid all the news about government spying, some are questioning the “subtle bug,” wondering whether it was exploited by the NSA.


Photo of MacBook Pro courtesy of Apple


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