On topic: Tech news to know now

We’ve got your fresh, hot tech news links right here. (Again, some of these links lead to paywalled sites.)

Big spender unmasked? Not. Tips for Jesus tipper is interviewed by San Francisco Magazine, which agrees not to name him. “It’s just about helping people out,” he says. (Our own Heather Somerville has written about the mysterious tipper.)

Got $9.5 million lying around? Angel investor Ron Conway’s San Francisco apartment is on sale, according to Trulia and Business Insider.

Nokia and Juniper Networks are in acquisition talks, Reuters reports.

Aereo is ordered to shut down operations in Utah and Colorado. The court ruling hands broadcasters their first victory in this fight, according to the Los Angeles Times.

But does it clean glass? The Winklevoss twins unveil Winkdex, a new bitcoin-price-tracking index, the New York Times’ DealBook says.

California bill would strengthen privacy and security protections for students, in what could have a big effect on education tech, according to the New York Times.

Department of Homeland Security cancels national license-plate tracking plan, according to the Washington Post.

Uh-oh, Netflix. Top search results for season 2 of “House of Cards” are pirated links, according to Variety.

Print is dead, long live print: Wikipedia launches Indiegogo campaign for 1,000-volume print edition, the Guardian reports.

A flaw in the hookup app Tinder revealed users’ exact locations for months, according to Businessweek.

If tech companies replaced their parking lots and provided worker housing on-site, what would that look like?

“Hello Ruby” a coding-themed kids book, is such a hit on Kickstarter that it (and other books in the works) is now the author’s full-time job, says the Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog.


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