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Longtime readers know we have a daily Off Topic feature, a collection of links to random things we come across on the Internets. But we also compile a list of links to tech news each day, and starting now we’re sharing some with you instead of keeping them all to ourselves. (Please note that some of these links lead to paywalled content. And we reserve the right to write about any of these topics in more detail, or with snark.) Dig in.

Google is taking over a 35,000-square-foot space in San Francisco’s Mission district, supposedly for workers who don’t want to work in Silicon Valley. That’s from the Financial Times.

There’s a there there: Amid all the anti-tech sentiment in San Francisco, Tom Krazit writes for GigaOm about why tech companies should move to Oakland.

A story about Apple over the weekend had this among other tidbits: Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with Apple around the same time as last year’s rumors about a merger between the electric-car maker and all things “i”.

Hewlett-Packard knew about certain Autonomy sales practices, which could weaken its argument that Autonomy deceived it, according to the Financial Times.

Life is sweet for “Candy Crush Saga” maker King Digital. It’s raking in the dough and has filed for an IPO, looking to raise $500 million.

Speaking of IPOs, streaming-music company Spotify may be thinking about one.

Hack attack: Kickstarter says customer usernames and encrypted passwords, emails and phone numbers were accessed.

Ya think? With Comcast announcing it is buying Time Warner Cable, talks to include Netflix as a Time Warner offering are now on hold.

Remember stories about rashes thought to be caused by Fitbit bands? As company investigates, complaints continue.

SunPower awards $85,000 to STEM program. The money will benefit four California school districts.

And file these last two items under Scary Things Social Media Knows:

Facebook can see when you’re falling in love. (If the relevant parties are both on Facebook, that is.)

Twitter feeds can indicate when women go through post-partum depression, researchers say.


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