What is Apple doing with your spam?

Fanboys and girls already love Apple for its dazzling array of life-changing tech toys.

Now they may have yet another reason to worship and adore the Cupertino company: spam eradication!

According to Appleinsider, Apple may be marshaling its troops to help clean up our Inboxes of unwanted e-mails:

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published an Apple patent application describing a system that thwarts spam mail by automatically generating and handling “disposable” email addresses, all while being transparent to the end user.

That, of course, is music to our ears. So is this:

According to Apple’s patent filing, suitably titled “Disposable email address generation and mapping to a regular email account,” the integrated system would work at the server level to act as a screen for incoming spam mail.

But wait, there’s more! Apple may provide us with a means for VENGEANCE!

Further, these generated email accounts can be intelligently tagged with contextual clues to help users track down the source responsible for handing off the address to a spam provider.

And Business Insider offers these helpful tips:


Apple’s system would fight junk email at the server level, allowing you to teach the server some cool anti-spam tricks.

For example, your main first-name-last-name email address could be kept safe under Apple’s system by generating a disposable email address and giving that out instead of your main email. The disposable address is mapped to your main account, so emails sent to it would appear in your main account without any extra steps. Any replies you send would show up as having come from the disposable account.

So with Apple’s help, we all may soon be able to thrive in a cleaner and saner world of online correspondence we actually want to partake in.

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