Just for you, on Valentine’s Day: 1-hour condom delivery

The Bay Area is the queen of retail delivery. In a few hours or less, companies such as Google, eBay and Instacart can bring you most anything you need to your doorstep: Whole Foods groceries, an Apple iPhone, LED TV, just-fallen-off-the-tree apples, a gluten-free organic hot lunch, designer jeans, acoustic guitar, condoms.


Yes, condoms.

Just when you thought every commercial opportunity possible had been sucked out of Valentine’s Day, here comes L. Condoms with yet another way to cash in on the Hallmark holiday: condom delivery in one hour or less.

That’s right. Starting on Friday, San Francisco-based L. Condoms will bring condoms directly to your doorstep  — and, we assume/hope, no farther than the front door. Condoms are delivered discreetly by a bike messenger in an unlabeled black box, in case the person who called a complete stranger in front of his/her date to report a contraception emergency gets a sudden case of bashfulness.

But wait, there’s more! L. Condoms says “they’re saving your date for a flat fee of $5 and on Valentine’s Day you will even have the option to add in a bouquet of flowers to your delivery.”

Delivery service is available in San Francisco and Los Angeles through thisisL.com. The company says it will launch a free app in the spring in preparation to expand to cities across the U.S. Condom delivery for all Americans.

L. Condoms boasts “sustainably made” condoms, made without harmful chemicals and using recycled packaging. The condoms are sold in certain CVS stores, boutiques and hotels. For every condom that’s purchased, the company also donates one condom to a developing country with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Photo courtesy L. Condoms


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