Yahoo reportedly partnering with Yelp to bolster struggling search efforts

Marissa Mayer reportedly has finally sealed a deal to incorporate Yelp — and Yelp’s user-friendly consumer reviews, maps and other functions — into Yahoo’s efforts to shore up its struggling search-engine ad revenue business.

When she was in charge of Google’s search efforts in 2009, Mayer reportedly wanted Yelp to be part of the Google empire.

Finally, at a Yahoo employee meeting on Friday, sources told the Wall Street Journal and re/code that Mayer announced a new Yahoo-Yelp agreement to be unveiled in a few weeks.

Yahoo currently partners with Microsoft’s Bing to compete against the search-engine behemoth that is Google.

But, as Brandon Bailey reported last month, Facebook last year surpassed Yahoo in online ads and Yahoo saw its fourth quarter revenue continue to slide — from $1.35 billion to $1.26 billion.

It’s unclear exactly how Yelp will be incorporated into Yahoo and Bing. But in an online world racing to generate advertising dollars through hand-held devices, consumers using Yahoo’s search capabilities theoretically could get instant access to Yelp’s popular consumer reviews, mapping software and other Yelp features designed to help shoppers differentiate from, say, cheap and good restaurants from cheap and bad ones.

Photo of the Yelp logo hanging outside the New York Stock Exchange by Jin Lee/Bloomberg


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