Court-appointed monitor to return to Apple… with limits

Michael Bromwich, the court-appointed antitrust monitor who rattled Apple with his inquiries, will be heading back to the company.

An appellate court ruled Monday that Bromwich’s work will continue while the parties await a decision on Apple’s appeal of the monitor’s appointment, the Associated Press reported. That decision could be months off.

Bromwich was appointed by a judge to monitor the company’s antitrust compliance after a court ruling that Apple had violated antitrust laws related to the setting of prices of e-books.

During the few months in his role, Bromwich asked to speak to board members and executives, which led Apple to complain about the scope of the inquiry. The company also objected to Bromwich’s hourly rate, which is over $1,000.

The panel said it agreed with Apple that the scope of the monitor’s inquiry should be limited to the company’s antitrust compliance program.

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