Honestly, this is more Like it: Facebook Look Back videos get parodied

Many of you might have seen your friends’ sappy — oops, I mean touching — Look Back videos on Facebook. You know, the biggest time suck since the invention of… Facebook.

The rest of us have deadlines and such. But we just might be able to make time for the parodies that have popped up on YouTube in the past few days since now-10-year-old Facebook unveiled the feature that generates a short video of its users’ lives, Likes and loves on the social network.  You know, all in the name of research.

Instead of users’ most-liked posts, “honest” Look Backs feature least-liked posts. (Yes, finally a Dislike button!) Instead of put-your-best-face-forward photos, the parodies break out the ones that show passed-out-drunk moments. Lots of food photos, blurred-out faces of ex-girlfriends, and reminders about heated political arguments. There are privacy-themed parodies, promotional videos, and the Look Back video for seemingly plastic surgery-prone Bruce Jenner, which the folks at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” kindly put together. And they’re not all funny videos: There’s one called “Humans – A Look Back,” a sobering look at human atrocities and more.

In case you’ve gone through your News Feed and run out of friends who’ve jumped on the Look Back bandwagon, here are a couple of the parody videos we mentioned. (But before that — and because we’ve run out of jokes — a serious word: The backlash about the real Look Back videos is puzzling. If you don’t like the videos, don’t watch them.)


Screen grab above from YouTube



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  • Dan Turkette

    Here’s Obama’s Lookback video.

  • Teo Rudabah

    Add Hitlers to your list please!

  • Dan Milano


  • Here’s the MILEY CYRUS facebook look back!!!

  • AJ Host

    The reason I thought it was lame was because it was based on others’ responses, not what I have focused on in life. While I’ve visited a dozen countries and pursued a myriad of opportunities in my career and higher ed, it was the photo I got lucky taking on a plane when the most friends were online or that of my sisters’ children that was featured, simply because cute faces garner a positive social response, while international travel garners disinterest or even ire. The incidence of my marriage and subsequent divorce make those missing years pronounced and awkward, and render my “Facebook feed” and Lookback even less pleasant. While I’ve gone through enormous changes, embraced growth and experienced a beautiful life, the bottom line is that FB still reflects a person’s social construct far more than his or her actual being.