In the Great Smartphone Race, it’s Apple over Samsung by a pixel

Warning: Your eyes are about to glaze over.

The numbers just out from comScore might seem a bit numbing. But the latest dispatch from the front-lines of the Apple v. Samsung battle reads like this:

Apple once again extends its lead as the top smartphone manufacturer by market share in the United States for the three months ended December.

Meanwhile, Google’s Android barely holds on to its top spot as the most-used smartphone platform, while, again, Apple nudges forward in that arena.

In other words, or rather, in other numbers, the Wall Street Journal points out:


For the three months ended Dec. 31, 156 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones, up 3% from September. Apple remained the top smartphone maker, with a 41.8% share., an increase of 1.2 percentage points. Samsung Electronics Co. (SSNHZ, 005930.SE) followed with a 26.1%, also up 1.2 points. Google’s Motorola was No. 3, with a share of 6.7%, a decline of 0.1 point.

And, it went on:

Android was at the top of the mobile-platform share rankings, at 51.5%, a decline of 0.3 point. Apple’s platform improvement mirrored its increase in device market share, rising 1.2 points to 41.8%. BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY, BB.T) had the No. 3 spot, at 3.4%, a decline of 0.4 point.

If you need more numbers than that, we feel sorry for you.

Let’s give the last word to the International Business Times, which tried to put this mess into plain English, god bless them:

 Apple Inc‘s iOS platform share continues to grow in the United States while Android is showing a slight decline.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.




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  • Randy Wilhelm


    • RussellL


  • Gabriel Serrano

    Apple has a better platform. Android is just different. Third party apps make apple enjoyable. Soon android will catch up. But by then apple will have a new advantage like accessibility for people with needs. Android is like open platform. I wish apple will adopt the idea from the jail-breakers. These jail-breakers will help innovate apple.

  • HotelQuebec

    The only thing artifically propping up Apple market share in the US is their relentless patent trolling to kill competition and consumer while in the rest of the world iOS is a dying ecosystem with world market share shrinking towards single digit.

  • terich22

    Isn’t ios down worldwide to like 13%. Doesn’t sound like they are winning anything. There products are fine, but in the smartphone arena, I would not consider it in the top 5 of current phones on the market and with new devices launching soon, it will fall further.

  • BigD66

    thanks for reading………..paid for by Apple Inc.

  • DEman19901

    The 3 months ending in December was the Christmas holiday. Apple ALWAYS gains market share during the Christmas season and upon the release of a new iDevice. All of the remaining time in between it loses it all right back and then some. This cycle has been going on for years.

  • Erica Mathis a subsidiary of Apple.