A tidy payday for HP’s Meg Whitman

Despite a salary of just $1 in 2013, Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman earned $17.6 million in total compensation from the Palo Alto technology giant she is trying to revitalize.

The vast majority of Whitman’s pay was for stock awards and other financial options, the company said in a regulatory filing Monday.

HP’s board also praised Whitman, who became CEO in 2011, noting that her achievements include “generating over $2 billion in labor savings in fiscal 2013,” as well as “creating effective business unit strategies and plans,” and “meeting with approximately 1,000 customers and partners.”

Whitman had received a salary of just $1 “reflecting the company’s turnaround,” the filing said. However, it said that amount has been boosted to $1.5 million for 2014 to be “consistent with the median of our peer group.”

Photo by LiPo Ching, Mercury News



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  • George Novusordo

    More $1.00 lies.

    She did not want salary that she could get taxes at a high 60% bracket but stocks/options gain are taxed at 15% when holding for a min a year.

    Who she is thinking she is fooling?

    • Blackie Lawless

      Obviously, you don’t understand how the whole stock compensation as income thing works. I think a lot of people are fooling you if you believe what you just wrote.

  • Joe No One

    “generating over $2 billion in labor savings in fiscal 2013″ Translation, the $1.5 million she is getting came from the jobs of the people that make HP great. I hope she can sleep at night knowing that there are families that have lost pretty much everything due to her greed.