No more Doublr for Flickr

Flickr users looking for more room for their photo collections can no longer pay the service for extra space.

The Yahoo-owned photo site quietly eliminated its so-called Doublr account last fall, company spokeswoman Ellen Cohn said. That account offered users a second terabyte of storage — on top of the 1 terabyte that all users get for free — for an additional $500.

The cancellation of the Doublr plan was done with such subtlety that Yahoo still mentions the service level on its help section on “upgrading” accounts and up until about a week ago, the company was still quoting the $500 price for the service. I encountered that page when working on my survey of photo storage sites earlier this month.

Yahoo introduced the Doublr plan last May at the same time that it announced the free 1 terabyte  feature. The company said at the time that the plan, which it ended up cancelling in October, just five months later, was for those few users who needed more space.

Cohn declined to say why Yahoo cancelled the plan, how many users had signed up for it or whether those who did would be getting a refund.

Despite Doublr’s elimination, Flickr users can still get more space on the service. Cohn said that Flickr would work with users who exceed the 1-terabyte limit to allot them more space. The company doesn’t plan to charge users who exceed the limit, but in order to get more space, users have to be “in good standing,” she said.

Cohn declined to explain precisely what it meant for users to be in good standing or how they might find themselves out of good standing.


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