Easy Rider: father-daughter duo make first coast-to-coast trip in a Tesla Model S

It’s happened: a driver of a Tesla Model S just traveled from New York to Los Angeles using only the company’s free Supercharging stations for fuel.

John Glenney, 62, drove with his daughter Jill Glenney, 26, as his co-pilot. The duo drove in a green Model S named “Ivy” and kept track of their trip using a spreadsheet that they filled out by hand. They left New York January 20 and arrived in Los Angeles Saturday, using 28 Supercharging stations along the way.

“I love talking about the trip, but I’m not that conversant in social media,” said Glenney, who lives in Lexington, Kentucky and spoke by phone Monday morning from Paso Robles. “I’m planning to drive to Fremont today and would love to take a tour of the Tesla factory, but I haven’t heard back from Tesla.”

The groundbreaking trip was unscripted and has largely gone unnoticed outside of the EV community. Other Model S owners have been following the news of the journey at the Tesla Forums page with interest. It sounds like the duo plan to drive to Tesla’s Fremont factory sometime Monday in the hopes of getting a factory tour.

Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced via Twitter that two teams from Tesla aim to set a cross-country EV speed record this week. They will depart from Los Angeles on Friday and plan to arrive in New York Sunday. Can’t wait to find out who from the company is on the teams. Personally, I’m rooting for JB Straubel in one car and Jerome Guillen and Gilbert Passin in the other.

Musk himself plans to do his Los Angeles -to-New York road trip with his five sons over their Spring Break.

Tesla has been aggressively expanding its network of Supercharging stations to permit long road trips and address “range anxiety.”  The company now has 71 stations operating, making it possible to enable coast-to-coast travel.

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