Fix coming for Apple’s White Screen of Death

Good news for those of us who have been seeing the White Screen of Death on our iPhones and iPads lately: Apple (finally) has a fix in the works.

Since the launch of Apple’s iOS 7 software in the fall, numerous users of the company’s handheld devices (including yours truly) have reported having their smartphones or tablets mysteriously and spontaneously reboot. The bug has become so common that it’s garnered a nickname akin to the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” that used to afflict Windows users, when their computers would spontaneously and inexplicably get locked up.

Apple plans to fix the flaw in iOS 7.1, an upcoming update of the software,  according to company spokeswoman Trudy Muller. Muller didn’t say when the company plans to release the update, but Apple reportedly is already beta testing that software.

Although it’s been dubbed the White Screen of Death, the color of the reboot screen can be either black or white. If your iPad has a white front, for example, you’ll see a white reboot screen; if you have an iPad with a black front, you’ll see a black one. In either case, you’ll see a a contrasting Apple logo (in either black or white) in the middle of the screen.

The fix will be a welcome update for me. I’ve been getting the White Screen of Death on my iPhone at least once a day lately — and on many days, it’s been more frequent than that. And I just started experiencing the same problem on my wife’s iPad.

And I’m not alone. Google Ventures partner and self-proclaimed Apple fanboy MG Siegler recently complained about how he was seeing the White Screen of Death several times a day, charging that iOS is “inexplicably and inexcusably buggy.”

H/t to Mashable.

Photo by Troy Wolverton.


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  • Franc012

    In a rush to make a change, just for the sake of change, Apple continues to suffer the woes of instability with their iOS 7 beta. They should have labeled it as a beta version instead of releasing it to the public as a stable, finished product.