Splashdata list of lame passwords is as easy as 123456

Leave it to Silicon Valley smartphone app company Splashdata to remind us that the best way to pick an online password is to come up with something that you’ll never remember in a million years.

Which is why we come up with passwords like 123456. And which is why Splashdata can come up with an annual list of the worst passwords (here in the Telegraph), which we’d all howl at, if most of the codes on the list weren’t passwords we’re currently using.

Passwords are a scourge. I can’t help but think that managing, forgetting and losing passwords is the leading cause of rage in the world today. You know passwords strike a chord when Time, PC World and the “Today Show” join in with stories on the list of the worst ones.

I hate passwords. You could always write them down, but of course you’re not supposed to do that and even if you did, you’d never be able to find the list.

And so we spend our lives clicking on “Forgot Your Password” and waiting for emails telling us how to reset our passwords so we can forget them again.

Which is why we go with the ones on Splashdata’s list (which it compiled by analyzing lists of stolen passwords) — passwords like “qwerty,” “abc123,” “123456789,” which ranked No. 6, as opposed to “1234567,” at No. 8, or “1234567890” (No. 13), “1234” (No. 16), “12345” (No. 20) and of course “123456,” which was No. 1

Come on people! (By the way, what’s “monkey” doing on the list? Monkey?)

Then again, why do we even bother? With the NSA, Target and just about everybody else rifling through our digital lives, why go to all the trouble of coming up with clever passwords?  I say forget it and have one less thing to worry about.

Still, if you’re looking for ideas, here’s the full Splashdata list:

1. 123456

2. password

3. 12345678

4. qwerty

5. abc123

6. 123456789

7. 111111

8. 1234567

9. iloveyou

10. adobe123

11. 123123

12. admin

13. 1234567890

14. letmein

15. photoshop

16. 1234

17. monkey

18. shadow

19. sunshine

20. 12345

21. password1

22. princess

23. azerty

24. trustno1

25. 000000

(Illustration by Hector Casanova, Kansas City Star)




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