Zynga to shut down YoVille game

Zynga is shutting down YoVille, one of its oldest games.

The company informed players on Friday via one of its message boards that it plans to close the virtual world game on March 31. Zynga said it was shuttering the game to focus on developing new ones.

“We know game closures can be tough and we do not take the decision to sunset a game lightly,” the company said in a Web page giving answers to frequently asked questions about the closure.

Zynga is offering YoVille users a “bonus package” if they sign up for another of the company’s games.

Despite that effort to appease players, Zynga’s move disappointed many of them. Some players expressed their frustration with the company by formally pledging to boycott all Zynga games if the company carried through with its plans to shut down the site. As of midday Monday, the petition page on which players announced the boycott had more than 6,000 signatures.

“Sell the game to another company if you have no interest in maintaining it, but do not just pull the plug,” the petition read. “If you do, you will lose us completely as customers.”

Big Viking Games, which originally developed YoVille before selling it to Zynga, announced on its Facebook page that it had contacted the social gaming giant to express its interest in buying back YoVille.

“We appreciate the amazing community effort that YoVille players have put together,” Big Viking said its Facebook post. “We hope to be able to help if possible.”

The shutdown comes as Zynga is in the middle of a turnaround effort. The company’s revenue has slumped markedly over the last two years and it has posted frequent losses.

Over the last 18 months, Zynga has laid off workers into two major rounds of layoffs and has seen the departure of numerous executives. Last summer, it brought in former Electronic Arts and Microsoft executive Don Mattrick to be its new CEO to lead the turnaround effort.

Zynga acquired YoVille from Big Viking in 2008 At the time, it had some 150,000 active users. By the next year, it ranked among Zynga’s top three games in terms of sales generated, accounting for 11 percent of the company’s total revenue.

But the site was the subject to a hacking attack two years ago that compromised some users accounts. More recently, some users have complained that Zynga had ceased updating the site regularly with certain features unavailable for months.

Photo of Zynga founder Mark Pincus courtesy of the company.


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  • Rainy Yovillian Lakes

    I as a yoville player understand about companies losing money and changing things up. However, you do not gift players 50 yocash, Zynga’s Agents tells us yoville is not going anywhere, Bring out a christmas theme, and then wham tell us nope we are pulling the plug!! I stand by all yovillians! We are angry, and emotionally upset.

    • Shaniqua

      Bishhh chill out hoe

    • Lizlovesthelord Jones


  • JD

    I’m more mad about the lies of ZYNGA. We all thought Yoville would stop but they said no it won’t. So don’t worry Yoville is here to stay. With those words they told us it’s ok to spend money cause it ain’t shutting down. Even new theme’s and old rare items were put in the game. Items they knew people would buy and also store. And Zynga kept taking there money even they knew the game was close to ending.

    In my eyes thats like a con artist: telling people lies to get some thing from them. Zynga told lies to there costumors so they felt safe in spending there money on Yoville. I play this game since 2009 it’s more than a game. It’s a social platform. To be someone else but your self. For example the burned can be beautiful, the disabled can be health & the world seems like a Paradise.

    For alot Yoville is there world to get away from all the judgements and hurt in there own lives. To take that away is like saying deal with you crap life or else end it. Cause many will feel like that – Zynga i will boycott every game of them.

    They don’t unite people through gaming they destroying there games and gamers. Hope Big Viking takes the game over but i think that won’t happen. I just think we don’t mean that much to companies to help us out. I mean it’s about money not about people who caress what happens to the people who played it 🙁

    • This is Sam

      i dont even play any zyna games. But seeing as how this company has been running things the past year and a half. Their garbage. I was going to download a few zynga games. But im right along with everyone else to boycott a company who isn’t there for the interests of their customers.. rather themselves.

  • Do-you Nomi

    Zynga said: ” We’re closing YoVille but we love you.” How can they “love us” that they want to shutting it down. Ending it ? Why can’t they just sell it to Viking Games, they’re the ones willing to buy it! Greg is the one who created this game “Yoville”! He should have his right to have it back and continue the game with his passions to all of us.

  • Judi Ann

    You want to know why they are losing money ?? they keep pissing us players off by not updating the games weekly , fixing bugs what ever needs to be done to games .. they take away their most popular game to create more no one will play or pay on .. really how dumb throw away millions of players for nothing Zynga might just as well shut its self down totaly … I for one will play a few of the games but i will NEVER WASTE another dollar of my money on a game again …

    • Steel_Man

      It’s funny to hear people talking about weekly updates. In the beginning, themes weren’t released on a weekly basis and you got to actually enjoy the releases before the next one slammed you in the face.

    • Courtney Reynolds

      I honestly couldn’t agree with you more. Zynga have become lazy, they don’t even care for their fans anymore. If we are fans anymore considering they have the worse customer service…

  • Steel_Man
    • Lisa G

      Love it!! Great job showing how yoville has grown and how we have grown..and our love for Yoville!!! <3 So hoping..they do not take it all away. Lovely rooms you have!!

      • Steel_Man

        Thanks, Lisa!!

  • Nikki Christian

    Why would be happy to take their “bonus package ” when our accounts are worth millions and millions of coins and all they want is to give us a bag of fertilizer ? I love the way they try to up it and act as if they are trying to help us ..to put it nicely they can eat that bag of fertilizer 😉

  • just1personsopinion

    Once YoVille was “shipped off” to India, things started to go downhill slowly but surely. The game experienced bugs and glitches and it took forever to get them fixed. Then the game was compromised by “hackers” using programs that infiltrated the system and they were able to freeze players, disconnect players and eventually it was then stealing from players and taking over their accounts. Tho Zynga India TRIED to keep up with these issues, (taking their sweet time), In the end, these hackers were basically taking over the game. Over and over us players asked for help and it seemed to fall on deaf ears. They even closed the only way to contact them for support saying you had to be a paid VIP player to get immediate help. Because of all that, players have dropped off the game. They were tired of the crap and said, enough was enough, its not worth the aggravation anymore. Had Zynga REALLY loved us players, they’d have kept on top of the game and fixed the issues and whatnot instead of ignoring it/US.
    Hoping Big Viking Games gets the chance to buy or remake YoVille.

  • Sandy Martinelli~

    I will never play another Zynga game again, after the way they treated us.
    Do the right
    thing for once Zynga and sell to Big Viking Games that way everyone

  • Erin Jacobus

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  • Peggy Farnsworth

    most people say this is just a game and why get upset over it and to some it is just a game but to most of us it is our 2 world we have homes and e make money we sale and we buy we have pets we have cars we have funiture storess cothing and all the thing the real world has just here we can visit foriegn place meet new people all over the world young and old all religns kids can learn things for when the join the real world it has its good times and bad but its a place where alot of older people who cant getout much or dont have familys can run to and they do have allthat in theis virtal world which has become yoville and zanga we the people have made you millions off the game how can you just throw us away? without a fighting chance your bonus package sucks and we dont want to play your other games WE WANT OUR YO alot of have stuck with you threw good and bad if we can be willing to fight for our game why cant you helpus fight too? you can never creat another games as great as this and believe me i vow to never play another 1 of your games which btw are having as many problems as yo to make them good you gotta fix the problems not just ignore them and hope they will go away because people do leave

  • Lisa G

    Yoville is so much more than a game to so many of us. I was just on yoville ..stopped to visit a friend…and found her at a protest..to save Yoville. The love of Yoville is so apparent. We all have made friends from all around the world. I’ve even met a couple in real life..and have become life long friends. We have homes..that we may never have in real life, from casinos, mansions, winter wonderlands, yachts, planes, trains, haunted ships, spooky houses, and so many more amazing places!!! We’ve spent hours upon hours days upon days decorating them and cherish every single room or our homes. I’ve seen people of all ages..that love Yoville!! We stuck around through thick and thin..even..when events were taken down..even when the cost of the nicer things plummeted in price and ..required real hard earned cash…we stayed..we spent..we supported Yoville in every way! I truly don’t believe it..that the game could possibly have plummeted so much in sales that it needs to be taken down. There simply will never be another game as wonderful as yoville is! As many yovillilains are expressing..it’s much more than just a game. Please don’t break so many hearts! Visit one of the protest going on..on Yoville. No game…could ever come close to comparison. I’ve already seen some of my favorite zynga games..go away overnight. Many of us…will loose faith …and no longer support virtual games..with our hard earned cash…knowing that they could be shut down..in some cases..over night. I hope our voices are being heard and not ignored. We were faithful to yoville..please don’t ride off into the sunset…with all of our money..our time..our love for the game…and all we have worked so diligently …to make yoville what it is! Please have a heart! <3

  • Gene Gigandet

    Zynga has a long history of false promises and lie’s , a company built by stealing other hard work and labor , Mark Pincus was a educated cheat who couldn’t make it by using something new and original , I spent month s/ years helping ppl that play Yoville trying to protect them from hackers and cheaters compiling a list of hackers using Yo.com profile and FB profile pages to identify them them forwarding them to Zynga and Mark Pincus and never once was it addressed.
    They ppl that play YoVille like me have invested a lot of money and time most of us are long time players from the beginning 2008 and 2009 and hell yes we are mad as hell we been put out to dry by Zynga .. Dishonesty and money drove Z , never has there been any customer loyalty shown by Z , customer support was a complete joke as any one that has played anyone of their games will tell you and even with a new CEO I see no change in that.
    Investors beware how you trust when it come to Zynga , take some time to read and study the history of this company you will be shock by what you find.
    Fight on my Yo friends never give them your support to another game or another dime of your money

  • Lavon Miller

    If they shut down yoville without putting my money back in my checking account, its shall be lawyer time against zyanga. Just not fair to the people who paid to play the game there goes all my fun times in yoville, So down zyanga should go with yoville i will never play a game from them ever again.

  • Sylvia Harlow

    We remain hopeful that Big Viking will save our unique little world.

  • Courtney Reynolds

    This is bad. YoVille isn’t just a game to some of us, we’ve made friends on there and more. If they take this away from us, what do we do then? The fact that they’re basically trying to force us to use their other games – which in my opinion holds not even a candle light at YoVille. The reason why YoVille was so popular was the fact you could make friends, make events, laugh for hours and your characters could look reasonably good. Their other games are just not as powerful, which I hope Big Viking will buy back the game and keep it up for all of us old fans who still love YoVille to this day, us lot who have been playing since 2008 or 2009. This is a bad move, and I think I speak for nearly all of us when I say: I will never play one of their games again. Take a gem from us and we will boycott all of your games. That’s how it rolls, Zynga. Your move.

    • E Nash

      I have to agree with you, If Zinga takes Yoville down I wont go to any of their other games which suck. I is so hard to find good interactive games on facebook.
      It also seems that Zinga doesn’t want player Feedback, everyone time I try to find a place to post my comments about the Death of YoVille I can’t create an account.
      The only bright spot in this situatio is that Big Viking is trying to by it and maybe with new owner the game will come back to life. I’ve also gotten my uncle to get a program to take pictures of my homes so I can at least see what I’ve created,
      It also seems to me that if they are taking it down then they should unlock everything so players can finish projects without running into problems. I have one home left to finish and it will not be really what I want because the things that I hneed to finish the club are all baught with YoCash and I have none and even if I could get some I’m not really interesting in waiting anymore money.
      Hello, I really have to say that I love YoVille and am very sad to see it go. I have Played the game for almost five years and have gotten stuck at level 200.


      I have to say that while I’m sad that YoVille is being discontenued I’m not overly surprised. It seems that Zinga has lost interest in the game over the last year with not having new sets out as frequently and also closing sets and leaving them up without removing them

      I have to say that I’m very annoied that I’ll be losing all of my homes and the Death of YoVille is Making me not want to spend any money on any other Zinga Games. Just because it feels that the dollars that I spent while fun are now waisted because of the loss of all my homes that I put money, effert and pride in. I know that there are other games out there but why should I try to build awsome homes, go on speshal quest or such if my work is going to be waisted in a year or when ever Zinga decides that the game is obsolete.

      I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only YoVille Player that feels this way and feel that Zinga is being unfair to their Loyal Players. As well I feel that if this message is posted on the forums Zinga is not going to like it and band me for expressing my personal opinion. In spight of the fact that I’m being as unoffencive as possable.

      The same thing happened to Ravenwood Fair and with the loss of those two games I feel. Disheartened to play any other games. I feel that as soon as I find a game that I like and start building and creating it bites the dust.

      I’m very sorry to see Yoville go and hope that I can at least find some way to save each of my rooms in a picture. There is no hope for the awsome clothing that is going to be lost.

      While I agree that if games are unpopular or not doing well they should go. I don’t see why you have to take something good that people love and have stuck with away and trash it.

      “Oh, thanks for your support… over a million Players but we are tired of the game and don’t want to do anything more or spend time on it so say goodbye and we hope to see you at another of our games.”

      What Ever.

      I hope that Someone actually reads this but my guess is not. It however does make me feel better to get my Personal Opinion noted.

      This was a message that I sent to zinga and no surprose I didn’t hear back from them. Shock. Shock.

  • Stephen Sansum

    this happens i will delete every zynga game off my fb profile, i will never spend another penny with them, i have spent hundreds on this game, building up my yoville profile and rare collections, on a game i thought would be around for ever, i still have unspent yocash on it, if they can do this to yoville then they can to every other game so why spend any of our hard earned cash on any of their games, as now i will be thinking when will they shut this one down and again i will lose more money, i feel like they have scammed me for my money, they are giving 3 choices to get a bonus, well the 3 choices i would not play for a start as they are rubbish, i have now removed most of the zynga games on my fb along with the progress i have made on them, apart from the 3 i play , yoville, and cityville, yoville gets shut down then the remaing 2 will be removed also, and i vow i will never play any online games again, just dont have money to throw away