Welcome Andreessen, Twitterer

Marc Andreessen, the Netscape co-founder and major Silicon Valley investor, broke his 982-day silence on Twitter, as Business Insider noted, with “Hello, hello, is this thing on?”

In three days on his Twitter account, he has been prolific, tweeting about 100 times.  “I need an extra hour in my day just to keep up with @pmarca‘s tweets,” tweeted Miguel Helft of Fortune.

Andreessen told the new online publication Re/Code, “I have always been tweeting in my head.” His more than 33,000 followers have just been waiting for him to put his thoughts down in 140 characters.

Why should we care that Andreessen is tweeting?

If his Twitter persona is similar to who he is in person, the Valley is in for a ride.

In person, Andreessen often offers a rapid-fire assessment of everything in the world – media, tech, politics, fellow tech leaders.

He can be the Valley’s biggest cheerleader, critic, bomb thrower and philosopher. He isn’t just influential -he matters to the whole Valley ecosystem. He is a director at big firms like Hewlett-Packard, Facebook and eBay, but also someone who entrepreneurs closely listen to.

So pull up a chair and read the tweets.

Above: Andreessen pictured in 2001. Handout photo. 


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