Quoted: Move over, bitcoin? Behold Coinye West

“We’d love if Kanye named dropped Coinye. I think he’s gonna love that there’s a currency named in his honor.”

The creators of Coinye West, which they’re calling “a cryptocurrency for the masses.” Coinye West is scheduled to launch Jan. 11, and its creators told Vice they are issuing an open invitation to rapper Kanye West promising him 100,000 Coinye if he contacts them. The outspoken West isn’t exactly lacking for confidence — his latest album was titled “Yeezus,” and as we’ve written, he has compared himself to Steve Jobs — so Coinye’s creators could be right that the flattery might work. But they aren’t taking chances. They’re staying anonymous at the moment because if West hates Coinye, “he really isn’t someone we want to piss off.” As for why they think there’s need for another online currency: “Bitcoin is for hardcore money-hoarders, and Dogecoin was more for the Internet-meme crowds.” (We’ve written about bitcoin, of course. For those who haven’t heard of dogecoin, it’s an online currency that was introduced just last month. And yes, its mascot is based on the Internet meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog.)


Photo: How will Kanye West, shown above during a 2011 performance, react to an online currency inspired by him? (Associated Press archives)


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