Kim Dotcom: Lifestyle, not infringement, behind prosecution

If you ask Kim Dotcom, the reason he’s being prosecuted as a cyber-pirate is because he looks the part of a Hollywood villain.

The founder of Megaupload, the now-shuttered file-trading site, lives in a mansion on a huge estate in Auckland, New Zealand that was inspired by the fanciful domiciles of movie characters — particularly those of the bad guys. That lavish lifestyle is why he’s drawn the scrutiny and of U.S. prosecutors he argues — not because he did anything wrong.

“Because of my flamboyant lifestyle, because of me being German, the way I am, I am the easiest person to sell as a villain,” Dotcom tells CBS’s 60 Minutes in an interview to be broadcast on Sunday. “I’m the perfect target.”

Launched by Dotcom in 2005, Megaupload offered copious amounts of storage space that consumers used to upload photos, large files — and, argues the government, gobs of illicitly copied copyrighted content. Prosecutors say the site cost Hollywood more than $500 million in lost revenue. The U.S. government shut down Megaupload in 2012 and indicted Dotcom of copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering.

The shutdown infuriated users of the service, many of whom used it to backup or store personal files.

Dotcom, meanwhile, has denied the charges and has fought the government’s efforts to extradite him from New Zealand. He argues that he didn’t do anything wrong, that he removed copyrighted content when notified of it and never uploaded such material himself.

“Do I have to go to jail for that?” he tells 60 Minutes. “Because I didn’t do it.”

Photo courtesy of Kim Dotcom.



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  • Dale


  • Ilya Simkhovich

    it’s kinda like that line in “project x”; “the only thing you’re working on is diabetes you fat @#$%.” and we’re not that jealous to care. they know what you did. sad thing is that megaupload was really for people that weren’t american; most of the films you’d find would be french. it was that they were so generous that made them stand out. rapidshare is tough to touch; they’re in switzerland and i know something about them that makes them extremely suspicious as being OWNED by the man and only they and megaupload would allow “happy hour” scenarios where you could download at full speed one file at a time. megaupload was probably carefully scrutinized for a long time and i’ve been finding pirate films for over 13 years; i had “the blair witch project” as a special leak and it has extra scenes never released otherwise in 1999 from a “hotline” server. all i can suggest is that life goes on and i just got an HD rip of “the deep (2012)” and a tip i can offer is that any foreign digital rip is going to be the right length so finding any english subs for it will work because they are based on milliseconds, not frames.

    • Sure mob

      Next time try to make ensemble. Rambling puke. 13 years. It was only around for like 8 years. Moron

      • Sure mob

        Sense not auto correct ensemble

  • dblamp2

    Kim doesn’t have to much of an ego , does he??

  • dblamp2

    Kim doesn’t have to much of an ego , does he??

  • tangible

    Honey BooBoo notwithstanding, nobody cares about the lifestyle of fat people.
    The prosecution IS all about infringement.
    You ARE a villain.
    No excuses.

  • in all seriousness

    i hope they get this guy