Quoted: pushing for a more anonymous bitcoin

“It’s not that I want you to buy drugs. It’s just that I think you should have the freedom to do it.”

Cody Wilson, who’s working on Dark Wallet, soon-to-be-released software that would further cover the tracks of bitcoin transactions. Dark Wallet would scramble the string of numbers and letters that form bitcoin, according to the Wall Street Journal.

You might remember that we’ve written about Wilson on this blog before, as head of 3D-printed gun maker Defense Distributed — which last year was asked by the feds to stop distributing the gun’s blueprints online.

Now Wilson has turned his attention to bitcoin, saying “we need an anonymous cash online.” His efforts come as bitcoin — the online currency that is meant to be untraceable because it doesn’t require real names and is unregulated by the government — has begun to crawl to more mainstream uses even as governments grapple with how to deal with it. For example, as Heather Somerville wrote recently, online retailer Overstock.com plans to accept bitcoin within the next six months. And venture capitalists and others see promise in the digital currency.


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