Quoted: Peering through the looking Glass

“The future is on its way, and it is going to be on your face.”

Mat Honan, writer for Wired, reflects on the year he spent wearing Google Glass, the Internet-connected, camera-equipped glasses. Despite feeling uncomfortable and making others feel uncomfortable, being called a “glasshole,” and  “[inspiring] the most aggressive of passive aggression,” Honan believes “Google Glass and its ilk are coming. They are racing toward us, ready to change society, again.” (Don’t let those wearables hit you on their way in!)

In the meantime, as we’ve written on SiliconBeat, privacy concerns about Google Glass abound. The backlash started early this year when a bar in Seattle banned Glass even before it became available to early “Explorers,” and it continues with a group called Stop the Cyborgs, which encourages bars and restaurants to follow suit. And where to wear Glass, and what about safety concerns? Honan writes that for various reasons, including the $1,500 price tag, he didn’t wear it while riding public transit, nor in restaurants, at the playground, at the movies, and in bars. One Southern California woman got a ticket for wearing Glass while driving. (She’s fighting it.)

As for present uses: Honan writes about the usefulness of “extremely relevant” notifications from Google Now, plus the help Glass can provide for cyclists, cooks and those who need signs translated. Brandon Bailey wrote that cops are testing Glass. And a few surgeons have used it during surgery, including to transmit or broadcast video or to help with looking at X-ray images.


Photo: That’s not Mat Honan wearing Google Glass, it’s Google co-founder Sergey Brin. (Associated Press archives)


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