SolarCity launches Give Power foundation to address energy poverty

SolarCity is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its IPO with the Give Power Foundation, designed to address global energy poverty.

For every megawatt of residential solar power that SolarCity installs in 2014, the company will donate a solar power system and battery combination to a school without access to electricity in the developing world.  During its November earnings call, the company said it was on track to deploy 278 megawatts total in 2013.

Roughly 1.4 billion people do not have access to electricity, according to the United Nations Development Program, and nearly 291 million children attend schools without electricity. SolarCity’s Give Power Foundation will initially target schools in Haiti, Mali, Malawi and Nepal with solar systems that charge a battery pack to keep the school lit at night.

“The United Nations has set the ambitious goal of ensuring that everyone in the world has access to electricity by 2030, while fighting climate change, and we are deeply committed to making this happen through the Give Power Foundation,” said Hayes Barnard, SolarCity’s Chief Revenue Officer and President of Give Power Foundation. “Now every SolarCity customer will play a part in giving light to a community in need.”

SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive displays the solar panel that will power the classroom while SolarCity Chief Revenue Officer and Give Power Foundation President Hayes Barnard looks on.






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  • Jorge Noguera

    Wonderful cause. I’m looking for a Solar Panel for my dad’s farm (about 2 acres) in Nicaragua. It’d be great if SolarCity could help out. I hope the right person can see this message.

  • PaulScott58

    Thank you solarCity for being a good example of a Corporate Citizen. Making the world better every day by helping educate those who need it most.