HP CEO Meg Whitman gets a raise

Hewlett-Packard disclosed in a regulatory filing Tuesday that the Palo Alto company’s board has given CEO Meg Whitman a nice little pay boost — increasing her annual base salary from $1 to $1.5 million.

The raise, which took effect Nov. 1, was “to bring Ms. Whitman’s salary to a competitive level among the salaries of the chief executive officers of HP’s peer companies.” the filing said.

Compared with the Bay Area’s top 177 executives, Whitman ranked 12th in total compensation — including stock awards, bonus and other pay — according to a Mercury News analysis in August. At that time, her total compensation amounted to $15.3 million.


At top, Meg Whitman in a 2012 file photo. Photo by Lipo Ching, Mercury News



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  • Hornytoad

    If I remember correctly thru the fog of dementia Meg took over HP when it was in baaad shape. She is one of the few CEOs deserving of big bucks. Dr. Jim.

    • jwtn

      hp is still in bad shape

  • taxandgardening

    What are you going to do with the EXTRA half a million dollars in your annual salary, Meg????

    • Hornytoad

      She will pay taxes to help Osama, oops Obama keep The 46% in tow!!!

  • Maxx

    you have got to be kidding me???? wall street companies are the only ones that lose millions of dollars, stock fall to 10 year low’s and you still get a raise. if this was a privately held company, the CEO, CFO and President would be fired or put on warning. the problem with main America corporations, CEO’s is that they have no true steak in the company. they made their money, they cashed out and they few stocks that they still have, do not really matter anymore because they are getting the value of their stock in different ways. at the end the middle class pays for the losses and no one wins… its a revolving, musical chairs cycle.

  • Maxx

    excuse me Mr. hornytoad, the stock is at the levels it was 10 years ago, low low low.