‘Stop The Cyborgs’ offers anti-Google Glass signs to restaurants, bars

A group calling itself “Stop The Cyborgs” is pushing back against Google Glass wearers by offering bars and restaurants free, colorful anti-Google Glass signs to warn customers that the wearable computers are not welcomed in their establishments.

Stop The Cyborgs considers Google Glass to be an invasion of privacy because of their ability to surreptitiously record and video people. It cites Dave Meinert, the owner of a Seattle hot spot called the Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge, who kicked out a Google Glass-wearing customer who refused to take off the glasses.

Meinert told Forbes, “We’re not trying to be jerks at all. If you walked in here with a video camera we’d ask you to stop. If you’re speaking too loudly on a cellphone we’d ask you to leave. That should be obvious. With Glass, there should be etiquette around its use, and we feel that in a setting like a café or bar they should just be taken off and not used.”

If the philosophical objections to Google Glass aren’t enough, Stop The Cyborgs offers restaurant owners and managers another reason to post its free signs:

“BTW if you want massive amounts of free publicity for your business banning glass seems a good way to go.”

Photo by John Green/Bay Area News Group


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