Quoted: Netflix's plan to rewire audiences

“Human beings like control. . . . To make all of America do the same thing at the same time is enormously inefficient, ridiculously expensive, and most of the time, not a very satisfying experience.”

– Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer, on the flaws of the traditional broadcasting model, in an interview with New Republic magazine. The Los Gatos video-on-demand leader’s aggressive forays into original programming could “rewire our entire culture,” the article says, by eventually forcing competing networks to scrap their regularly scheduled programming in favor of on-demand, shattering the decades-old broadcasting model where viewers watch the same show on the same day. Reprogramming audiences through more personalized, on-demand offerings could have a profound effect on pop culture, the article argues, by further eroding shared mass experiences, while at the same time opening new opportunities to bond with smaller communities of fans, in effect creating “a culture where niche supplants mass.”


At top: AP File Photo/Paul Sakuma


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