Quoted: Spotify hoping to stream goodwill to artists

“I hope this gets out to some of the artists who won’t engage with us. We can’t be accused of hiding behind stuff: this is us being open and explaining our model.”

Mark Williamson, director of artist services at Spotify, on the music-streaming company’s launch of a website that provides artists with analytics so they can track streaming of their songs — and how Spotify calculates royalties. Williamson tells the Guardian the company wants to “be clear and transparent as we possibly can.” Spotify also said in a blog post today that it paid $500 million in royalties in 2013, and that it has paid out more than $1 billion in royalties so far.

Spotify’s outreach to artists is a response to criticism from the likes of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, who as we wrote earlier this year pulled a couple of albums from Spotify in a protest against the company. Other artists who have spoken out against streaming radio include Pink Floyd, which over the summer blasted Pandora for pushing for legislation that would allow a reduction in the royalties it is paying. (But Michelle Quinn wrote last week that Oakland-based Pandora has given up the fight for the Internet Radio Fairness Act and may try to negotiate directly with record labels instead.)


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