Patent this: A smart wig from Sony? Plus Apple and photo-focusing

Here’s some patent news that won’t make you snooze, the kind that involves the patents themselves and not the lawsuits surrounding them. Today, that news comes from Apple and Sony.

• First, file this under things you didn’t know you needed. Sony, which already makes a smartwatch, seems to want to continue to capitalize on the wearables trend: It’s seeking to patent a SmartWig. That’s right, and here are the hairy details, according to Bloomberg: The hairpiece would connect wirelessly to a device and could include a camera or GPS sensor. Would the hair be soft and silky? It could be made from human hair or hair from assorted animals such as horses or buffaloes, Sony says in the patent application. The wig styles: Presentation Wig, for navigating PowerPoint presentations; the Navigation Wig, for directions; and the Sensing Wig, for taking blood pressure and body temperature.

• On to hope for the blurry. Apple reportedly has been awarded a patent for a system that refocuses an image after a picture is taken. The technology is similar to that found in the Lytro, and AppleInsider notes that the patent cites the light-field camera created by a Stanford graduate as prior art. Also notable: The system could be included in portable devices, such as an iPhone, and could be used as an add-on accessory for any camera.


Can you wrap your head around a smart wig, which Sony is seeking a patent for? (Photo illustration from MCT archives)


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