Microsoft soft wear: anti-Google merchandise now available

Microsoft attacked Google and all you got was a lousy T-shirt. Wait a minute, it’s not even free. It’s $11.99 on

“Scroogled” is the ongoing political-style campaign that accuses Google of compromising users’ privacy. As Brandon Bailey reported earlier this year, the Microsoft campaign has included print, television and billboard messages. Among other things, Microsoft has warned people against Gmail, the advertising-reliant email service. It has also warned about apps that run on Android, Google’s mobile operating system.

Now, there are mugs, hats, hoodies and T-shirts that show the Google Chrome logo and say “Keep calm while we steal your data.” (Also available is the old reliable “Don’t get Scroogled,” which it used in its earlier ads.)

On one T-shirt, a big old Scroogled logo is surrounded by a word cloud that includes: “Gulled. Humbugged. Buffaloed. Wire-tapped. Extorted. Sold out. Chicaned. Fleeced. Scammed. Conned. Surveilled.”

Not amused? Google seems to be, at least judging from its public reaction, according to the Los Angeles Times: “Microsoft’s latest venture comes as no surprise; competition in the wearables space really is heating up.”

A Microsoft representative emailed us the following: “The Scroogled campaign has struck a chord with consumers who are concerned about the way Google treats them and their privacy, and want to express themselves and their concerns about Google. The Scroogled gear is a fun way for them to do that.”


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  • Blake

    when you have nothing positive you just bash your opponents. Good job microsoft. Keep showing the world that your best innovation are google insults.

    • groberts116

      There is a difference between insults and warnings

  • waywardspirit

    Check out MicroShafting . com if you want to see the flipside of the this.

  • waymore

    Google has done its parts for the world. It might not be the angel we dreamed off, but its certainly not the devil. If Google had not come into play prices of information would have been high. With Google’s strategy of letting advertisers pay so we can have it cheap or free, information is reaching everyone.