Tesla Model S sales in California: 6,554 through September 2013

It’s no secret that California is Tesla’s leading market for the all-electric Model S sedan.

Now the California New Car Dealers Association has released its third quarter report, which shows that Tesla sold 6,554 cars in California through the end of September, giving it an 11 percent market share in the luxury/sports segment. The standings are roughly where they were at the end of June: Tesla sold fewer cars than the Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5 series, but more than Lexus GS and Audi A6. The Toyota Prius remains the best-selling car in California, with more than 54,000 sold in the state through September 2013.

The California New Car Dealers Association represents over 1,100 dealers, making it the nation’s largest state association of franchised new car and truck dealers. The dealers have cried foul over the fact that Tesla sells directly to customers.

Photo: A Model S near Lake Merritt in Oakland. (Bay Area News Group)






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  • Capt996

    Screw the NADA union and its dealers. They add nothing to the car buying process except an expense to the consumer. The EV is against the entire dealer scam.

  • chuck jones

    I bought tesla partly to avoid the dealership. It was a very pleasant experience not to talk to tricky car salesmen.
    After few months of driving this car my verdict is: why didn’t I buy it sooner!
    (I also have bmw 335i and Audi S5 but tesla rules them all)

  • Fooyoo

    consumers cry foul that dealers think they have a God-given right to charge an extra 10-15% over the sticker price to consumers purchasing cars. Look around, these are difficult times. why in the world should consumers visit a dealer and get haggled over just jow much over the manufacturer price they will be charged? There’s a name for what the dealers are demanding: a handout. There is no way in God’s green earth that the dealers can win that argument based on merit. Instead, they will try to hold Tesla hostage and keep you from getting the highest rated car in history. Here’s the message to car dealers: your business model is obsolete. Its time for you to support businesses like Tesla and become part of their team as employees or their suppliers. Compete based on merit to the consumer, or get out of the way…

  • Fooyoo

    I think dealers and the goverment should be sued for buying political favors to block direct-to-consumer business models like Tesla’s. Enough of this.

  • Shumdit

    I was a Tesla skeptic along with Fisker etc.
    Then I drove one. Now I own a model S and really believe that is Tesla can get to the mass market car (called gen III) in 2 years that they will have it made and will fundamentally change not only the car business, but also the concept of an electric car being a compromise in some way vs a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle.

  • Fb14352

    Tesla = Model T
    Other cars= horse carts
    This is the fundamental difference between what Tesla has brought to the table vs other cars. Yes, it is te the first gen of real electric cars but it has created a new product category- of performance cars that happen to be electric – and purely gas powered cars face questionable future.