Report: 60 percent of tech jobs created this year filled by women

More than half — 60 percent — of the jobs created in the U.S. tech industry through September of this year have gone to women, according to one report based on numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Dice, a tech and engineering career site, says its analysis shows that of the 39,000 tech jobs created through September, 24,100 of them were filled by women. It is not clear whether all the jobs are full time. (Update: the BLS numbers don’t differentiate between full- and part-time jobs.)

The BLS definition of jobs in the tech industry include writing and testing software, planning and designing computer systems, managing and maintaining computer systems, and “other professional and technical computer-related advice and services.”

In another set of numbers about women in tech: As we wrote last week, one Pinterest engineer is gathering data that shows the number of female engineers in the tech industry. Her data shows that only 12.6 percent of full-time software engineers in the tech companies for which she has numbers are female.


Graphic above courtesy of Dice


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  • mgiuseff

    Leave you with some more thoughts. Most people entering the tech field in college are men. How women get these jobs, I can only guess. Women still get preferential treatment through our federal government. Even though there are far more women working than men. I call it discrimination. And for those getting laid off from the tech field, those are white male, replaced by cheaper Indian labor from overseas. I would never recommend anyone to go into technology. It’s a different world from the early 1980’s when I started as a programmer. The government and big industry sold us out. Millions of jobs just left the country, or they imported people on H1-B Visas to take even more jobs.

  • bizbird6

    Most of the jobs that go to women are lower paid low level type jobs that does not require much education while the higher paid jobs that goes to men are higher paid engineering jobs. That is how it was over 20 to 30 years ago, so the current numbers means NOTHING.

    If you compared the current stats with older stats, you will find very little improvements, if any, inspite of the Fed efforts to bias towards women.