Android snares more than four-fifths of smartphone market

Despite Apple’s cachet for coolness, Google’s Android operating system continues to grab increasing share of the smartphone market.

Android accounted for 81 percent of smartphone shipments during the third quarter of this year – the first time it has owned more than 80 percent of the market, according to research firm International Data Corporation. During the same period a year ago, Android represented just under 75 percent of smartphones shipped.

A total of 211.6 million Android phones shipped during the third quarter, far outpacing the 33.8 million phones using Apple’s operating system, iOS, which amounted to 12.9 percent of the business.

While owning only 3.6 percent of the market, the Windows operating system also saw a big gain from a year ago when it accounted for 2 percent of smartphone shipments. But Blackberry’s system over the same period dropped from 4.1 percent to 1.7 percent.



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  • mleeper

    Do you really think anyone still bothers to read about your slanted statistics?

  • henry3dogg

    And Chrysler and GM vastly outsell BMW. But I know which I’d rather drive and own shares in.


    The fact remains is if you buy a android device do you replace it with another device of the same. The answer in my opinion is NO! I am one of many who started with a android smartphone and after two years moved over to a iphone. Why? because I really didn’t know that much about smartphones and the android was one of the cheaper products I could try. After trying out some of my friends iphones I could see right away how much better a product it was even with a smaller screen. As soon as my two year contract was up with my carrier I moved over to a iphone and I am so hooked. Never been happier. So we will see in another two years who ends up having the higher market share!

  • George Lacy

    Android is sold on Cheap devices and lots of people buy cheap devices – then never use them. Maybe because Android isn’t and enjoyable experience. Safari has over 55% of the browser share on mobile. Android (with all of its sales is under 24%.

    Apple makes the better mobile device experience.

  • Player_16

    ‘Market share’ is NOT a good tool for measurements which means that -and your- method is flawed. Actually for INSTALLED BASE (ComScore US), it’s 52% Android, iOS 41% -nowhere NEAR the 81% that you say.

    Phones in boxes and drawer don’t do anything… except collect dust.

    Next time, see why Google said the things they say.