Angry birds on Twitter: Randi Zuckerberg's Veterans Day book promotion ruffles feathers

Randi Zuckerberg has been busy — reality TV, production studio — since leaving her position as a marketing manager at Facebook, her brother’s company, a few years ago. Her latest move is ruffling some feathers on Twitter today:

As we wrote last month, Zuckerberg has written a couple of books, one a children’s book called “Dot,” which is about the danger of too much tech. The other is titled “Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives.” Both became available last week. Turns out her touting of her book (the one for grownups) is proving a bit complicated as well. Some headlines and tweeted reactions to her tweet this morning:

Randi Zuckerberg Proposes Worst Way to Honor Our Veterans

The fifth question in an Entrepreneur Q&A with Zuckerberg was “What is the strangest marketing experiment you ever did?” She talked about a promotion she did while still working at Facebook. Her Twitter critics today might beg to differ.


Photo: Randi Zuckerberg in 2011. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group)

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