Tesla Model S owners celebrate West Coast charging network

Tesla Model S owners gathered at Crissy Field in San Francisco Thursday to celebrate Tesla’s West Coast charging network. There are now 16 Supercharging stations from Vancouver to San Diego, along the I-5 and Highway 101 corridors.

The ability to take a long distance road trip in an all-electric car is a big part of Tesla’s effort to reduce any lingering “range anxiety” among consumers. CEO Elon Musk plans to travel from Los Angeles to New York with his five sons before the end of the year.

Model S spokesperson Alexis Georgeson is driving one of two Model S vehicles from San Diego to Vancouver to prove that the entire route can be done with the Supercharging stations.

Tesla Model S owners in San Francisco Thursday. Tesla Motors posted the photograph on its Twitter feed.





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  • choomster

    An electric car verses a full sound throttle of a 500 hp motor. I will take the latter.

    • Michael

      I believe that.

      • choomster

        I believe it too.

    • You’re welcome to, but I will take the rich, yet silent electric SciFi whoosh of an E-Motor over the mechanic rattle of any 19th century tech gas burner any day.

      I also prefer the silent tap-tap of a touchscreen over a mechanical typewriter, but I’m sure you’d have disagreed on that one back in the 80s, too.

      • choomster

        I have never seen a “typewriter” in a car. But since you most likely drove a Beetle or some other POS in the 80’s, it wouldn’t surprise me. I bet you voted for Mondale to eh?

        • Sorry to disappoint, choomster, but when the 80s kicked off on that fateful Jan 1 (and Chrysler UK was renamed to “Talbot”…), I was still 5 years old. So no driving for me :).

          I also never voted for a US president, since I am a German citizen.

          As for the touchscreen vs. typewriter: I was not referring to the Model S controls, but rather for a wider allegory about people who romanticize outdated technology (i.e. many writers in the 80s who insisted a computer would never replace their beloved typewriter). But hey, it was probably too much to ask.

          • choomster

            OIC Markie, yeah….the typewriter being compared to a car in the analogy that these fancy electric go carts are going to replace the gas engine. Sort of like we would have flying cars like the JETSONS by now. But hey, it was probably to much to ask.

          • Just the the Electric Locomotive was never able to replace the Diesel (in Europe, where we actually built some power lines at least), riiiight?

            “Go Karts”? Hehehehe, you embarrass yourself further and further. You obviously never put your butt in a Model S yourself, did you? I currently drive a 2012 BMW 535xd with all the bells and whistles, and if my income situation stays as it is, I am CERTAINLY going Tesla in Jan 2015.

          • choomster

            Well, it is good to see you “like” the those fancy electric go carts. And it is good to see that the “green Energy” has been so successful around the world. Oh wait…it hasn’t has it? When F16’s and aircraft carriers are powered by triple AAA batteries, that will be the day.

          • Sure. I see you have some sort of political axe to grind and facts won’t change your mind. So – have a nice day and buy your noisy gadgets as long as you like (and can pay for the gas!)

          • choomster

            Facts like Solyndra, Fisker and the other so called “green energy” debacles and scandals? Yeah, tax payer money being wasted does bug me. And yes, I will get in my 500 HP 68 Mustang and will have a VERY good day blasting little electric go carts and hybrids off the road. So much fun I must admit.

    • Joe Huber

      And the point of listening to that loud noise would be what?

      • choomster

        Hmm, like riding a Harley. There is no better sound. Electric motors….?? Really? LOL

        • Personally, I am inclined to bat these idiots off their bikes, since they are the only ones to make enough noise in the NATURE PRESERVE I live in to reach across half a kilometer of forest and still be loud enough to wake my baby up.

          • choomster

            Hmm, well being rude like that is never acceptable.

  • photolobos

    Note that you may not be able to drive I-5 all the way from San Diego to Vancouver. There is a large gap on I-5 near Sacramento.

    • berylrb

      True, but note the 101 detours off of the I5: San Francisco, Monterrey, Santa Barbara, San Diego! Places people want to go, no offense truckers!

    • Capt996

      Not anymore. That is the point of this trip. Hey are opening up the new ones during their trip. Read.

      • photolobos

        The article refers to 16 stations and links to a map. That map shows a significant gap on I-5 that appears to be 297 miles. You have to use a zigzag route to accomplish the drive

        • Joe Huber

          There are a variety of route alternatives to get from San Diego to Seattle; costal or inland. If you want to primarily stay on I-5 it’s 207 miles from the Harris Ranch Supercharger to the Folsom Supercharger (off Hwy 50). And then it’s 137 miles to the Corning Supercharger. All very doable in the 85kWh Tesla. And I believe there are plans to add more Superchargers on I-5 itself so you won’t need to go out to Folsom. But it’s doable even today.