iPad and puppy team up to make Shutterfly ad irresistible

Face it: You could sell a box of rocks with puppies.

In a version of teaching new dogs old tricks, Shutterfly — one of the digital era’s first personal online photo vaults  — has reached for one of the oldest tricks in the advertising book. The Silicon Valley company has teamed up with Humane Society Silicon Valley to produce an upbeat ad starring an irrepressible puppy who was just sitting around the animal shelter before the time came for his close-up.

No, I don’t like being manipluated by ads. But yes, the video is adorable. And no, kids this doesn’t mean we can get a puppy.

The star of the show is Quentin (don’t call him San Quentin, shelter life aside). The Chihuahua mix stars as Jasper, a bounding shelter dog, who becomes the subject of a Shutterfly “Photo Story,” made with an iPad.

Wait. This ad has a puppy and an iPad? With a puppy and an iPad you could sell a box of rocks, box not included. The online commercial also has that Apple-y music that makes you tap your toes and think noting of laying down five hundred bucks for a tablet.

Anyway, Jasper, I mean Quentin, was brought to the shelter with his littermates after what’s known in the shelter biz as “an accidental litter,” the humane society said in a news release.

Anyway, the littermates were snatched up pretty quickly, but Quentin was still biding his time when the advertising partnership was hatched. Goes to show: Good things come to puppies who wait.

“Quentin was really perfect for the role” the humane society’s Finnegan Dowling, said in the statement. “He was the friendliest pup in his litter and a total ham. He was born for the screen.”

Which is to say that good things can come of “an accidental litter.”

Anyway, the ad itself tells the story of a shelter adoption counselor using Shutterfly and the iPad to feature Jasper in a video that says, “Hey, we’ve got really cool puppies here that you can adopt.”

A father and daughter share a moment watching the video and, yes, falling in love with the little pup. Off to the shelter they go, and bingo: A new member of the family — one that goes for Kibble ‘n Bits.

The video ad doesn’t show what happens when mom gets home. I’m guessing that’s the sequel.

The best news of all? The humane society reports that Quentin, the real Jasper, was adopted by a real family shortly after the video was made.

Photo: Samson, not Quentin or Jasper, who was a shelter dog, too. Courtesy Humane Society Silicon Valley



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