West Coast climate agreement coming Monday

California has always been proud of its willingness to go first when it comes to policies that combat the perils of climate change.

On Monday, Gov. Jerry Brown, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington and Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon will meet in San Francisco to announce a “historic partnership on climate policy.” Details of the event have been sketchy, except that it will provide “details of an agreement aligning the governments’ strategies that combat climate change and promote clean energy.” The states are part of the Pacific Coast Collaborative.

Does this include a regional cap and trade agreement, or carbon pricing? Or more information about efforts to spur adoption of electric vehicles along the I-5 corridor?

The agreement is based on the idea that the West Coast shares geography, infrastructure and a regional economy with a combined GDP of $2.8 trillion, making it the world’s fifth largest economy. Premier Christy Clark of British Columbia will join by teleconference.

California Governor Jerry Brown




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  • alexx52

    The Earth is big. California and Oregon are small in comparison. On a global scale, what difference will their efforts have on global climate?

    • soontoleave

      And the ‘brains’ that run California are even smaller.

  • There right about climate change it’s getting colder every year. The arctic according to al gore in 2007 said that there wouldn’t be any ice at the north pole by this year but low and behold there’s not only ice but it has grown by a 1,000,000 square mile’s. Some the rev. al gore follower’s left england this summer on sail boats and was going to sail through the arctic ocean. They never even got started till greenland had to send an icebreaker to save them. What is the difference bewteen these people than the dooms day sayer standing on the corner or the one’s in airport’s?????????????

    • soontoleave

      What’s the difference?? The ones in Sacramento have the power to tax Californians to death.

    • Cahal the Mad™

      In the Autumn and Winter months, when it gets cold, the libs say it’s “global warming” and that “global warming actually makes things colder”. In the Spring and Summer months, when it gets warmer, the libs say it’s “global warming” and that “global warming makes things warmer, duh”. Are they just that ridiculous, can’t keep their fairy tales and leis straight, completely crazy, or all of the above?

  • soontoleave

    UH OH !! Hold on to your wallets California !! But seriously, this baloney about ‘fellow pacific coast states’ doesn’t prevent Oregon from raiding California for businesses. But the fools in Sacramento are so wrapped up in their fantasy of ‘California the trend setting state’ that they turn a blind eye to such behavior.

  • videosho

    Jerry Brown is a treehumper? Just throw money into the Pacific ocean, it will have the same effect against climate change.

    • disqus_xMxNxaEcFh

      You are soooooooo RIGHT

  • Gary Cauble

    California is losing it’s own battle… Hiding illegals and businesses leaving… Now that they took on the “Less Than Bullet Train” project it will be their unraveling… 68 billion will turn into 200 billion and by the way when are all the bonds coming due to pay back… lol

  • socalpa

    Is this a joke ??? California, Oregon and Washington are going to “Join Forces” to stop or alter an ongoing Interglacial Process of 3 1/2 million years ? By what ? Carbon Taxes or trading ? Ho! Ho! Ho! That is the equivalent of Throwing pure women down the throat of a Volcano to stop an eruption !

  • socalpa

    California is some “leader”. We have 10% of the Nations population and fully one third (1/3) the Nations Welfare Recipients.

    • disqus_xMxNxaEcFh

      and it is the fault Of DEMOCRAPS Unions, Environmental Idiots ,and Illegals they took over this once beautiful and Productive State Killed more jobs then created Big Companies left the state because of all of the above listed so watch out that it doesn’t happen in your state

  • Oh My! What a gay idea! They’ve found another reason to tax Mexifornians. If you exhale or drive a real car grab your ankles prune pickers. San Francisco residents, as you were.

  • rockynites

    The ONLY peril from climate change is the idiots who believe in it.

  • marlette782

    This can only be one more piece of good news for Rick Perry. One more reason for business to move to Texas

    • nampilot68

      As long as those who move here to TX aren’t from CA, OR, or WA, (or AZ and NV, for that matter). These idiots elect the lib freaks. Let ’em live with them.

  • ERIK

    loony libs again

  • disqus_xMxNxaEcFh

    Hey Num Nuts Brown YOU are the most worthless piece of CHIT!!!

  • peteyone

    We conservatives who live here, know that Brown is a total loon, just like his RINO predecessor, Shwarzthisname. This stupid ideology is going to make sure that this state really goes down the sewer. It probably means we’re going to get taxed even more, drive even more businesses out of here until the state runs out of money. The sooner it does the better!

  • Jeff Parkerpetersen

    So who owns the Carbon? I mean, who do I have to pay to release Carbon? Did Jesus Christ come down from heaven and proclaim Jerry Brown or Al Gore the “Messiahs of Carbon”? Nope…..all you dipshit Liberals did. Idiots

  • Cahal the Mad™

    “policies that combat the perils of climate change”
    Ah liberalism, there is no “problem” that can’t be “solved” by taxing the people into poverty. The left LOVES getting rich off of taxes, but it’s too bad that only ones paying taxes are the centers and rights while the left, collects those taxes.

  • jonboy1

    Another shakedown by the democrats and their big business beneficiaries.

  • Bill

    Man has made no changes to this earth in the past 200 years. The few he has made he very careful not to pollute. RIGHT

  • ©Dave ℗ Rickmers®

    If AM radio afficionados had a brain they’d be dangerous… We should at least hear what they say before we pounce, no? http://www.pacificcoastcollaborative.org/media/Documents/PCC%20Media%20Advisory%20for%20October%2028.pdf