A-P-P-L-E and Bingo was his name-o, or what to do during Apple keynotes

What are you doing during Apple’s big event besides hanging on to our very own Troy Wolverton’s every live-blogged word? If you said “playing Apple Keynote Bingo,” bingo!

Besides sigh about the latest must-have gadget that’s going to bust your budget, what else is there to do when the hype meter is turned all the way up to high?

Some of our favorite squares:

  • “And if you’re an intelligence agency, you’re going to love this.”
  • First troll-y article claiming to be “bored of Apple”
  • “Android already does that!”
  • A rubbish middle-of-the-road singer
(And when you’re done playing, don’t forget to go back to SiliconValley.com for the serious stuff.)
Photo: Screen grab of a Bingo card from Apple Keynote Bingo

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