Report: Amazon working on smartphones

If you like your Kindle e-book reader or Kindle Fire tablet, get ready for a Kindle phone.

Amazon, working with HTC, has a smartphone that’s in the “late stages” of development and may launch as early as next year, reports the Financial Times, citing anonymous sources. The company also has two other phones in development with HTC, according to the report.

Don’t get too excited, though. As the FT reports, rumors about Amazon being interested in the smartphone market have been swirling around for a couple years now. The launch of an Amazon smartphone has already been delayed at least once, and the company may ultimately decide not to launch of a phone.

Also, the FT had little in the way of details. It’s unclear what size screens the phones would have, what processors they would use, what their specifications would be, what wireless carriers would offer them or what countries they would be sold in. Presumably they, like the Kindle Fire, would run a customized version of Google’s Android operating system, but even that was unclear.

As the article notes, HTC has been struggling in the smartphone space, trailing far behind Samsung. Earlier this year, it embarked on a similar effort, making the HTC First, the first official “Facebook” phone. But that phone was a flop, and was dropped by carrier AT&T just months after it launched.

Photo, of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HDX tablets, courtesy of the company.


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