Google watch and other wearables could be an $19 billion market before you know it

As a guy who doesn’t like to pay more than 20 bucks for a dress shirt, it looks like I’m going to be in for a surprise when this wearable technology craze really catches on — and it’s going to, Juniper Research says.

CNET points out that Juniper says the market will grow by about 14 times — to $19 billion — by 2018. Sounds like we’re going to have more glittery gizmos hanging off us than a Christmas tree.

Besides draining money from our pockets, the wearable trend could pump some dough into the economy, CNET’s Don Reisinger points out:

“The market’s growth will of course be a good thing for device makers, but according to Juniper, developers might benefit as well.

‘Significant opportunities will arise for app developers — across the health, fitness, sports and communication segments,’ the company said.”

But some look at Juniper Research and see the Google Glass half full. This MarketCharts piece from last month points out that most people think wearable gadgets will be too rich for their blood (me). And about a third are concerned about their privacy being invaded as they make their digital fashion statement.

(I mean, come on. Do we really have any privacy left to worry about? Thanks NSA!)

Anyway, the big bets are on smart watches, which Juniper predicts will reach 36 million in global shipments by 2018. About a million were shipped this year.

And while everybody has been talking about the iWatch, which so far lives off in the land of unicorns, it sounds as if Google is getting close to unveiling its ticking time bomb of revenue. Well, Seth Weintraub of 9to5Google says he knows a guy who says the finishing touches are being put on the watch.

“Thinking about this,” Weintraub writes, “Google could put a lot of the functionality of Google Glass in the watch product. Push a button, ask a question, get a response as the watch talks to the Now-enabled smartphone.  Also, the ‘serendipitous’ information that Google Now shows you on your phone could come up in the watch. Time to get home, Calendar alarms, emails, SMSes, etc. all could get pushed to the watch’s display.”

He adds the ol’ “details are thin.” The watch probably is, too.

Let’s just say the watch watch continues.



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