Quoted: The real Carrot Top weighs in on Twitter tiff over tech and gender

“I should get some free shares out of this, don’t you think? I mean, I didn’t do anything!”

Carrot Top, comedian, on Twitter’s upcoming IPO. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently disparaged Vivek Wadhwa by comparing him to Carrot Top after the academic criticized the San Francisco company for the lack of women on its board, and the tech industry for its dearth of women in positions of power. The comedian, whose real name is Scott Thompson and is used to being the butt of jokes, told the Huffington Post that he was honored to be mentioned by Costolo regardless of the context.

Meanwhile, the discussion sparked by the exchange between Costolo and Wadwha, which we wrote about Tuesday, continues. Sarah Lacy, blogger and entrepreneur, has weighed in, calling the whole thing “manufactured… feminist outrage” and “whining.” Let’s cut to the tape: Valleywag charts the diversity (or lack thereof) on tech companies’ boards.


Photo of Carrot Top from Bay Area News Group archives


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