HP reportedly calling workers back to the office

Will HP go the way of Yahoo — back to the office? Hewlett-Packard “needs all hands on deck,” says an internal memo obtained by AllThingsD, and is asking those who telecommuted in the past to help “create a more connected workforce and drive greater collaboration and innovation.”

Yahoo announced a telecommuting ban earlier this year, saying the company needed to be “one Yahoo, and that starts with physically being together.” CEO Marissa Mayer took some heat for instituting the policy in the age of videoconferencing and the Web, but some defended her move as a necessary step in turning the company around.

HP, too, is in the midst of a turnaround effort by CEO Meg Whitman, who’s dealing with a PC industry slowdown. The company has also made some huge, costly acquisitions, plus had upheaval at the top.

Among other things, the company has announced layoffs of 29,000 employees by October next year. Will calling the many remaining employees to the office make a difference?

An HP spokesman told us today he’s not sure where the memo came from, when it was written and whether it applies only to employees in certain departments — because apparently HP has been doing some remodeling and is calling on employees to take advantage of new conference rooms, new chairs, better food in the cafeteria. The company has made changes to “improve the employee experience in the office and emphasize our commitment to effective and collaborative work styles,” he said. “Flexibility continues to be a core operating principle at HP.”


Photo: The Hewlett-Packard sign in front of the company’s Palo Alto campus. (Kirstina Sangsahachart/ Daily News)



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