More fodder for Apple watchers: Tim Cook joins Twitter

We heard quite a bit from notoriously tight-lipped Apple last week — with, as we wrote, its top executives including CEO Tim Cook giving media interviews that coincided with the company’s release of new iPhones and an updated iOS 7. And what do you know, Cook capped the week off Friday by joining the talkative Twitter universe.

The CEO, whose handle is @tim_cook, describes himself as a “fan of Auburn football and Duke basketball.” As of this post, he has gained about 229,000 followers since his Twitter debut Friday. He follows 29 people including fellow Apple execs Phillip Schiller and Eddy Cue, (Steve Jobs’ widow) Laurene Powell Jobs, as well as: the pope, late-night talk show hosts Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon, former President Bill Clinton, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

Joining Twitter is yet another difference between Cook and the late Steve Jobs, who was famously secretive. Although of course, it remains to be seen whether Cook will disclose anything juicy on Twitter, a close Apple partner. He has three tweets so far: Two are about the new iPhone launch, the other a retweet of a Conan O’Brien one-liner about iOS 7.



For those who are looking for more flavorful tweets about the company, there’s no shortage of parody accounts related to the endless source of fascination that is Apple. As we wrote last year, a quote by Cook dismissing Microsoft’s attempt to marry the PC and the tablet had inspired a parody account called @FridgeToaster. There’s the now-dormant @FSJ, an offshoot of the Fake Steve Jobs blog. There are also accounts that pretend to be Apple chief designer Jony Ive, but because this is a family blog we can’t write some of their full handles. (Language NSFW.)


Photo of Tim Cook from Associated Press archives


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