Elon Musk: Autonomous driving team will report directly to me

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, is a futurist who regularly speaks off the cuff. Covering Musk is similar to covering a presidential campaign: everything that Musk says is scrutinized, he doesn’t always stay on message, and the guy really knows how to drive news.

On Wednesday, he piled on to the stories already circulating about Tesla’s plans to delve into autonomous driving.

“Intense effort underway at Tesla to develop a practical autopilot system,” tweeted Musk.

“Engineers interested in working on autonomous driving, pls email autopilot@teslamotors.com. Team will report directly to me.”

Musk told the Financial Times that Tesla was working on a plan that would allow drivers to turn on a form of  “auto-pilot” in most situations that would allow the vehicle to take over control. The company has a job posting for an engineer to work on this project on its website.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk.









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  • chris.pat

    “… for an engineer” Yea, right, one person. Detroit has an army for this kind of effort.