Must read: the New Yorker on “The President and the Pipeline”

We’ve written quite a lot about Tom Steyer and his activism on behalf of climate change, including the fight against Prop. 23 here in California.  Steyer is a former hedge fund manager and billionaire who has made stopping the proposed Keystone XL pipeline a focus of his prolific activism.

Now the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza has come out with a great piece, called “The President and the Pipeline,” about the politics of the Keystone XL decision that is largely a profile of Steyer. (Good work, Chris Lehane!) It’s well worth a read and contains some wonderful details, like the fact that Steyer went hiking with environmental activist Bill McKibben and is preparing to launch a climate change initiative with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I won’t give away anything else: go read Lizza’s piece.

Philanthropist Tom Steyer


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