Google’s Kit Kat Android phone: The story that won’t die — and who wants it to?

You knew they were coming. When Google named (more or less) its next version of Android after the Kit Kat candy bar, you knew it was too good for digital jokesters to pass up.

So, let the spoofs being. This being some high-level marketing stunt, the maker of Kit Kats took first crack in the spoofapalooza, launching what is actually a pretty funny iPhone ad takeoff. (They’re not making fun of the late Steve Jobs, are they?)

Wonder how many takes it took to get that “confectionery perfectionery” line down.

Anyway, heaven forbid the satirical bits start going rogue and viral! I mean, who would want that? But rogue and viral the spoofs went with Next Media Animation, of Taiwan, weighing in with a cartoon (do we still say, cartoon?) poking a little fun at Google’s culture of all-food-all-the-time.

Jamie Cheng, a NMA marketeer, told me by email that the animation studio specializes in pumping out quick videos that take Internet news sensations and add a dash of satire.

So what in particular about the Google/Kit Kat deal lit up the NMA crew?

“We decided to do the spoof,” he told me, “because we’re bitter at the fact that Google offers free M&Ms while we only have a broken toaster and (a) dying Nespresso machine.”

Spoof on my hungry friends; spoof on.

(Photo courtesy of Hershey’s/Nestle.)





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  • I thought that Vince Vaughn Google movie was about the most embarrassing product placement tie-in imaginable. Turns out I was wrong.