Quoted: Marissa Mayer gets all excited about the new Yahoo logo. How about you?

“So, one weekend this summer, I rolled up my sleeves and dove into the trenches with our logo design team.”

Marissa Mayer, because what Yahoo really needs is for its CEO to redesign its logo? By the way, some — OK, many — say Yahoo itself had no reason to redesign its logo, which has shrugged off its serifs and donned beveling. Oh, and the exclamation point is now animated. So this is what the company’s 30-day tantalizing tease all comes down to!

We’ll leave the design critique to the experts and the Twitterverse, let’s go back to Mayer getting excited about tilting “the exclamation point by 9 degrees, just to add a bit of whimsy.” It’s no surprise to those who have worked with her, plus tech observers and design geeks — we all know the former Googler is famous for asking a design team to test 41 shades of blue  for the search toolbar on Google pages.

True, shares of the Sunnyvale company have done the happy dance (like the exclamation point!) since Mayer took the reins. But despite the redesigns of the logo, email, Flickr and other products, plus the big purchase of Tumblr, analysts and even Mayer herself say Yahoo still has other stuff to work out. Stuff such as ad revenue, a declining market share in Web search, and the fact that its most recent profit surge was due to its stake in Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, as the Merc’s Brandon Bailey reported in July. Mayer and CFO Ken Goldman were upbeat when they reported earnings in July newscaster-style, but they acknowledged that redesigns and rolling out new products will take a while to pay off.

So yes, Mayer sweats the small things — “we toyed with lowercase and sentence case letters” — but those who brought her aboard knew that, right? She’s not afraid to “roll up her sleeves” (and use cliches). And many of us have been lucky enough to have bosses who aren’t afraid to work in the trenches with their minions. (Has anyone seen my brown nose?)

But Mayer also thinks big and long-term, so she probably scored points with her employees, who were polled about the new logo and said they wanted change. As the company and Mayer say, Yahoo has a newly energized sense of purpose. Maybe one day we’ll look back on the seemingly insignificant logo revamp, sigh and say how it was the turning point. Or maybe five minutes from now, some of us will already be sick of the antsy exclamation point.


Photo of newly unveiled redesigned Yahoo logo by Michael Nelson/EPA


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  • Charles

    They had to work all weekend to come up with this? What exactly are they so busy with during the weekdays? No wonder Yahoo find itself increasingly ignored online…

  • Seb

    “Geeking Out on the Logo,” Mayer said she “rolled up my sleeves and dove into the trenches”
    WOW can’t believe she managed to get it all done in just one weekend! THIS is EXACTLY why I left this pathetic industry. ZERO substance, scams, and self righteous idiots at the helm. Honestly Mayer, you do realize that you dont sound like anything other than a 6 year old kid who used Windows paint to help them design a new logo right? HOW SAD.
    I would never make a statement like this as CEO of a huge international company, for fear of having people look at me as though I had serious mental disorders, have something WORTH saying, but the problem with Silicon Valley, and SFTech is that they live in a virtual fantasy land surrounded by yesmen/yeswomen who cant wait to make millions of of some WAAAY over hyped over valued cutesy social media “tech” company.

    As I said before, so far 2 startups this past week accused of fraud, Uber and Velti.

    Meanwhile in the REAL world people are helping each other instead of trying to steal their private information and sell it to advertising companies and the NSA.

  • curmudgeon2000

    That anybody at Yahoo, and particularly the senior executives, thinks that anybody
    outside of the company gives a isht about their new logo, only illustrates the extent
    of their delusion. Here are some more cliche expression that might well apply:
    “selling the sizzle instead of the steak,” “all hat and no cattle,” “re-arranging the
    deck chairs on the Titanic.”

    • Charles

      Yea, I’ve got to say – this logo is the BEST thing the top brainpower at Yahoo! could come up with!?!?!

      BUT, it does have everyone talking about Yahoo, which is something that hasn’t happened for quite a long time now…

  • PhilTheThrill

    Yahoo lives and dies by Ad revenue. Who wants to run an Ad with a company which has everyone laughing at its logo?