Pat & Mike: Is Silicon Valley Slumping? Beats Us

Join Pat & Mike for the fastest 10 minutes — or so — in Silicon Valley. They talk with special guest Chris “Buzz Kill” O’Brien of the Los Angeles Times. Chris has been looking at signs of a Silicon Valley slump. And if that’s not enough to cheer you up, here’s a drinking game: Take a shot every time you see a Blackberry. You do know what a Blackberry is, don’t you?


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  • Lisa Chung

    Chris O’Brien: “I’m still here in Silicon Valley. I’m in Oakland….”

    Holy cow. Silicon Valley is like the Central Valley now. It has expanded to include Oakland. Can Richmond be next?

    • Remember, Silicon Valley is a state of mind — and we here at Pat & Mike are all about expanding minds.

    • SVGUY

      LOL! Silicon Valley is the birth place of Silicon Wafer and Semi Industry and the rest is history. As such only Santa Clara County can be called Silicon Valley since we had actual semiconductor design and production. I havent seen a FAB in Oakland or any part of San Francisco ever.. It could never happen.

      Silicon Valley certainly was never a state of mind.

      As for all the other new companies occupying our Bay Area counties, like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and Google, they are all media companies. Frankly they are more of Madison Avenue generating revenue from advertisement services then Silicon Valley actual Tech products. And we all know what “Madison Avenue” is all about. Wink Wink! The good old days are long gone.

      2cents from a veteran of the Real Silicon Valley..

  • Johnb

    As an older (early 50s) computer guy who has been looking for work for almost 5 years, i find it disheartening to hear “that every one has a job”. This kind of stuff just… Its indescribable.