Elon Musk’s hyperloop isn’t the only loopy idea going

With all this hype about Elon Musk’s hyperloop, Silicon Valley elementary school teacher Clyde Mann wrote to remind me about an outfit called ET3 that has been a staple of Mann’s annual Science Alliance Day, aimed at encouraging youngsters to embrace science, technology, engineering and math  — or STEM.

Though ET3 has been working on a hyperloop for years, it hasn’t created anything near the splash that Musk has generated, largely because ET3 founder Daryl Oster isn’t Elon Musk, the guy who helped bring you PayPal, Tesla and Space X.

Of course, no one is sure whether Musk’s vision (or Oster’s) will pan out and some are fairly sure it won’t. But you got a like these guys for trying.

Still, to hear Oster tell it in recent news stories, ET3 is farther along than Musk, who readily admits he’s mostly throwing the idea out there and isn’t entirely sure he’s going to take it on himself.

Oster spoke with the BBC after the Musk news broke and the British broadcaster showed a pretty cool video of the idea, which is worth watching.

I’m not sure which, if either effort will pay off first, but I have to say, I’ve gone from thinking the idea was completely loopy to thinking it’s totally tubular.

(Photo of Elon Musk by Mercury News photographer Patrick Tehan)


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