Quoted: Hitchhiking 2.0 — on Twitter, Facebook

“I tweet, ‘Can anyone give me a ride to school today? I’ll buy you breakfast.’ I’ve done it with strangers and I’ve done it with friends.”

Earl Barkley, a teenager in Atlanta, on hitchhiking 2.0 — or, as the kids like to call it, ridesharing. Some use Twitter hashtags about certain events to try to secure rides, such as #AlicesPoolParty, according to Youth Radio (via NPR). Giving the ubiquitous Like icon (of a thumb) a different meaning, they also use Facebook. And craigslist. Parents may worry about “stranger danger,” but some young people seem to be more focused on the convenience. “The symbol of freedom isn’t the car anymore because there’s technology out there that could connect you to a car,” Earl says.


Photo: The famous Facebook thumb for Liking things — and apparently, for hitchhiking. (Palo Alto Daily News archives)


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